Since October 2019 we have received pledges of £249,524 across our Richmond and Surrey locations. Here are just a few highlights of things we have been able to achieve through your generosity so far:

Equippers Ghana - £15,000

£5,000 Richmond / £10,000 Surrey

We are excited to have been able to support our family in Ghana with £15,000 and it is amazing to see the impact our investment has had on their church. Since starting in June 2019, they now regularly have 50 people in attendance each week and have baptized 12 new believers! They have already outgrown their current venue and are about to begin their own building project. Work will commence next month, and the new complex will give them capacity to accommodate 300 people. Watch this video of Pastor Stephen giving us an update:

Chertsey High School - £73,878


At the beginning of this year, our Chertsey service moved from the Hub into Chertsey High, a brand new venue! This has given us extra seating capacity and brought a significant lift to our Sunday services. The move required significant investment in production equipment, new signage and printing; the hospitality and hosting teams also had some upgrades to help them make people feel at home in the new space. We continue to celebrate as we see God touching people’s lives in a fresh way. Since August 2019, 12 new families have joined, and in the five meetings that took place at Chertsey High before lockdown, we welcomed 12 new visitors.

International Justice Mission - £8,000

£3,000 Richmond / £5,000 Surrey

We want to see a change in the world and that is why we continue to partner with the International Justice Mission. We gave towards their ‘No Child A Slave’ appeal where the IJM team went into remote villages and places to free kids that had been forced into child labour. Some were as young as four years old. Watch this story of Esther from Ghana, who was freed after 10 years:

Equippers One - £11,500

£3,500 Richmond / £8,000 Surrey

What a day it was! All the Equippers UK locations gathered in one place for a big united celebration! Our vision is to fill the whole theatre, every row and every seat as we continue to grow and reach more people in our communities. Equippers One renewed our motivation and inspiration to keep moving forward together. We celebrate that we were able to have this amazing opportunity before going into lockdown.

Equippers Budapest - £11,500

£3,500 Richmond / £8,000 Surrey

Another international family project that we were able to support was the Equippers Budapest church plant. The amazing Pastors Miro and Marta Toth planted a new church in Hungary and we get to be part of their success story. Since launching in February 2019, they are now seeing 75 people join them each week! They are looking forward to gathering together again in person in August, as restrictions are lifting.

Glass Door Homeless Charity - £786


We supported Vineyard Community Centre in Richmond who partner with Glass Door to operate a shelter each winter for the homeless within the borough. Even though this wasn’t our biggest donation, it has had a massive impact! We purchased 31 beds for the homeless and donated towards the cost of providing hot meals during the winter months. On top of this, we provided volunteers each week to help serve on the team and donated all the proceeds from our Christmas shows to them as well. We love our community and are thankful for the opportunity to impact people’s lives for the better through Impact Offering.