The Care and Connections Team is a vital part of our church helping to keep church feel small even as we grow big! We genuinely love the people who God sends to us and do all that we can to make everyone feel special and a part of the family.


This role is for anybody who loves life and people, who is personable, friendly and confident when talking to new people. They will be organised, proactive and have a good level of administrative skills.

This role involves

Serving and strengthening the Sunday Connections Team operating within our services 

Following up people who are new to Equippers and those in need of connection, this involves making phone calls and getting to know people 

Assisting in the management, maintenance and development of the church database

Participating in or leading a Connect Group

Planning, organising and developing the promotion of Connect Groups across our Surrey locations, to include social media and testimonies

Helping to facilitate regular Connect Host Meetings

By the end of the year we hope you will have...

Gained a greater awareness of people’s experience of attending church on a Sunday, whether they are regular or new and learnt the importance of connecting with new people. Developed communication skills and understood how our heartbeats are demonstrated in this area of church life. Learned valuable processes and initiatives used to connect with new people which can be applied to any church.