Our production team makes Sunday services look and sound amazing! Sound, lights, LED Screens, computers, cameras … if these things make you feel excited then this is the team for you! We set the atmosphere for the service to help people enter into God’s presence and receive from Him.


This is for anybody who takes an interest in production, and is good at problem-solving and thinking logically about tasks. Excellence and advancement are heartbeats fundamental to this role. Experience of production within a church environment is desirable.

This role involves

Being part of our Creative team made up of musicians, singers and production technicians

Working amongst a highly skilled and professional team of operators

Opportunities to serve in lighting, sound, media, camera and production management

Helping with the weekly running of the production team (admin support, arranging team meetings, rostering and training for the team)

Being part of the production team at our events and conferences, learning how to set-up rigs and operate equipment 

Opportunities to design sets and build stage designs

Repairing and organising equipment, and maintaining software

Leading team meetings which involves sharing a devotion, and providing tutorials and support for operators

By the end of this year we hope you will have...

Developed a deeper understanding of how the production team contributes to creating an environment where people can encounter God. Upskilled technically in a given area and gained confidence when training others in this skill. Learned to effectively production manage a team during a service or event.