There are 4 different types of content for each week’s session. Content to help you Prepare Beforehand, and content for your Group Session.

Content to Prepare Beforehand

These cover the session’s format, a list of discussion questions and how to guide the discussion. Share with any of your helpers and watch and reference this support content several days ahead of your Group meeting.

1. The week’s Training Video for Hosts and Helpers to watch (2-3mins)

2. The Host Guide is your session’s overview and all the discussion questions.
Please also have this with you during your session with your group.

Content for Group Sessions
This content is for use within the group:

3. The Alpha Video (25mins) to watch together. For suggestions how to watch, see below.

4. (optional) The Session’s pdf extract from the Alpha Handbook. Some in your group may ask for this, you can choose if you’d like to distribute this to your group each week.


Some ways to watch the video

Screen Sharing: when doing a screen share on Zoom, this method works easily, but the down-side is it creates a lag for participants. Tip to improve: if any Host/co-Host
has a second screen monitor, you can avoid the lag by sharing the video on Zoom from the second screen monitor!

Individual watching: This method means no lag whilst watching. Send the video link in the Zoom chat. Ask everybody to mute themselves, click the link and watch
the video on their own device. When the video has finished, return together, unmute and start the Discussion!

Zoom’s Breakout Rooms Guide

For total Group sizes of over 12 participants, we recommend optimising the Breakout Rooms feature on Zoom for the Discussion session. Please note, ensure there is an even distribution of Hosts and Helpers each placed in each of the rooms. Watch Zoom’s 3 min tutorial.