Connect Groups are at the heart of what we do as a church. They help to develop a strong relationship with Jesus and also with each other. Connect Groups are a great way to get connected into the life of the church. Whether you’re a new Christian or have been a Christian for many years, we think that joining a Connect Group is one of the best ways to feel part of the family!


Our connect groups are characterised by 8 key things. You might not see all 8 every week but over a number of months we would expect members to experience most of these things:

This means anyone can join, at any time and if the group gets too big we look to release someone else to host a new group. We want to embrace new people and make them feel a part of our church family, even if they still have questions about the Christian faith.

We like doing stuff around good food and drink. This means we look for people who like to open up their homes. They are the best places to host our connect groups. We believe that open homes lead to open hearts.

Some groups use CDs while others have those gifted enough to lead worship. Either way, time is given to focus on Jesus, the true Vine, through praise and worship.

We want to be ‘doers of the word’ as the book of James encourages us. So we focus on how to apply what we learn on Sunday. We use DVD’s to give a short summary of the message, but then the host will facilitate discussions so that the group can share how it applies to them.

We try to encourage folk to share their story, especially those moments when they get breakthrough. It becomes a source of encouragement to others and also supplies topics for prayer as we seek to move ahead together as a church. In time this builds momentum.

It’s not long before folk who participate in small groups feel a growing sense of trust. This openness creates genuine accountability so that we grow as disciples. We don’t legislate accountability, but as trust between people grows in a natural organic way, we do encourage folk to become more open about their personal battles as they follow Jesus.

The evening often closes with a time of prayer where any need can be shared and prayed for. Small groups give each person a chance to be involved and step out in praying for others. This is a place where gifts of the Spirit can operate too, like faith, healing or word of knowledge.

We believe celebration should characterise the life of the church. It’s not that we don’t go through tough stuff; it’s simply that we celebrate the big stuff, like God’s forgiveness, new beginnings, transformation, reconciliation and the church family. We want to develop a relaxed spirituality.