Raj Dua
I graduated from Imperial two years ago with a degree in Electronic Engineering and I now work for Dr Patrick Dixon as an investment associate. I have the privilege of running the Chertsey Youth Hub at Equippers, playing the keyboard in the band, trading cryptocurrencies and making websites/ apps when I'm graced with some free time.

Day Fourteen
What Am I Believing For?

The power of worship is something that most of us take for granted. 

Picture this. It’s Friday 1st December. You’ve recently been entrusted with running a youth hub and have planned what you think is going to be a flawless night. With preacher ready, festoons dimmed and the team briefed - you are ready to serve and love the young people of Chertsey. However, walking through the building you sense an unsettled atmosphere - but the youth are about to arrive right? There are more pressing matters to attend to - are the curly fries in the oven? Ping-pong balls in the right place? Oh no, there’s no ketchup! Right, off to Tesco’s you go. Little do you know that you’re about to experience the most difficult youth night in history. Unruly teenagers manage to scale the back fence, various illegal substances are brought onto the premises and the police are called numerous times...

After the night has ended, the atmosphere still feels unsettled. Suddenly it clicks, there was something missing.


By being focused on the present and letting circumstances drive our actions, we had been distracted and ended up doing things in our own strength. This needed to change. We gathered as a team and introduced a new core value - ‘No Worship, No Work!' The following week we assembled as a team, stood outside the youth building in a circle and just worshipped, prayed in tongues and declared spiritual dominion over not just the building, but the whole of the surrounding area, over our youth and their families. We dedicated the ministry and those that we were serving to the Lord. The atmosphere shifted!

It may seem miraculous, and it was, but what ensued was the best youth night that we’ve ever had - incredible connection, multiple salvations and parents commenting that this is the only place their child feels safe and accepted. God is so good.

This FebFast, I’m believing for a shift in the mindset of young people and the church as a whole. That we would know the atmosphere-shifting power of worship. That we would understand the importance of claiming territory in the name of Jesus - we simply can’t do anything without it. Let me encourage you as you go forth in your ministry, workplace and family to put Jesus at the centre and then get ready for the miracles!

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