Thom Yates
Many of you will have seen me on stage leading worship. I look after our Creative Teams at Equippers - if it sounds creative, Iʼm part of it. Iʼm married to the craziest primary school teacher youʼll meet, Anna-Marie, and we both love Harry Potter - which is handy, because I've been told I rather look like him. Oh and my toothbrush is purple!

Day Fifteen
What Are We Believing For?

Iʼve always been captured by Psalm 133 - two beautiful pictures of Godʼs blessing being poured out. Hereʼs whatʼs interesting; the blessing doesnʼt stop where itʼs first poured - it flows. The dew from Mount Herman would run down to Mount Zion, then down into the City of David. Now suddenly the whole city experiences the blessing. The oil flows form Aaronʼs head, through his beard and down his robe. His head anointed but his whole body blessed. The Psalmist writes that blessing like this is commanded when there is unity, people gathered together in agreement!

There is something so profound about people operating from a place of unity. God blesses not only us but His blessing flows from us into all we do; through our teams, our families, our workplaces and our communities. As a Creative Team we are intentional about pursing unity; every Sunday we serve together, every Wednesday we rehearse together and during February we are fasting together. Some of our most powerful ‘together momentsʼ have been as weʼve stood in prayer together. I donʼt just mean praying for each others individual needs (although thatʼs good to do) but praying together for corporate team needs. We have stood in faith for new team members, prayed for a greater awareness of the Holy Spirit in our meetings, blessed the songs weʼve sung - and weʼve seen Godʼs blessing flow!

At the moment, one of our prayers is for original songs to flow from within our team! Weʼre confident that as we do, God will pour out His blessing and weʼll watch it touch many! A great prayer for this final week of FebFast could be, “God, where should I serve?”, “How can I be part of God's bigger vision?”. I love this quote from Brian Houston, “Church is built not on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many”. I encourage you; join a team. If youʼre already part of a team, hereʼs a thought... when it comes to 'presenting our requests before God' (Philippians 4:6) why not begin to pray bold prayers together. Not just for each other’s individual needs, but pray together, with faith, for corporate needs; the needs of your teams, families, groups, workplaces, cities and nations! Ask the question “what are WE believing for?” and watch Godʼs blessing flow!

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