Ali Gordon
I work in Parliament for a Labour MP. I have been coming to Equippers for just over a year now and recently got engaged to Suzi Irving... lucky me! When not busy wedding planning, I enjoy cycling, cricket and eating pork scratchings! I am also a keen supporter of Leeds United and I hope that – one day – my blind loyalty will be rewarded.  

Day Sixteen
What Are We Believing For?

Here’s a question for you all: What is the link between the following three things... duck houses, Waterford crystal vases, and moat cleaning?

The answer: all of these were things that MPs claimed for in their expenses prior to 2010. As you can see, some of these things were utterly ludicrous, and those MPs were rightly punished. Many who were embroiled in the expense scandal stood down at the 2010 election. Others fought their seats, and lost.

You’ll be pleased to know that things have greatly improved since then! But the expenses scandal eroded what little trust remained in politics. This problem still remains. People still see politicians as an easy target for abuse. Mocking politicians is easy. After all, who didn’t laugh at the photograph of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich? (Admission – I did!) But perhaps this month we can re-think and re-set how we view those in power? Politicians aren’t perfect. But neither were some of the people God used in the bible; Abraham doubted God, David lusted, and Samson was often hard-headed. We are called to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2). I know that my MP – a Christian – is incredibly grateful to those remembering him in their prayers, particularly in advance of a difficult vote where personal faith and party politics may collide.

So why not pray for your MP today. Pray that they would be a positive and gracious influence in Parliament; and pray that they may be well-supported in serving the local community in which you live. And pray too for political leaders from across the spectrum; you may not agree with where they stand politically but pray for wisdom in the decisions they're required to make.