Caroline Bennie
Dogs, hugs and flat whites are my favourite things. When I’m not watching dog clips on YouTube, hugging people or sipping my  flat white, I work as a Physiotherapist. I also love being part of the leadership team at Equippers and what really makes me tick is seeing people make gains physically at work or spiritually in their walk with God (or both!)

Day Seventeen
What Are We Believing For?

When I was young I remember thinking my older brother was the coolest person in the world. On my first day of school all I wanted to do was stay next to him. His friends didn’t seem quite so keen - in no way was it cool to have a younger girl join their group. I clearly remember my brother defending me, convincing his friends that I could kick and catch a ball, and that I would be a great addition. I knew then that school was going to be ok, and it didn’t take me long before I made my own friends and no longer needed my brother to defend me, but I was always thankful he was there in the beginning.

I loved hearing that as a church we gave resources to Equippers Rome last year that enabled them to start their weekly services. I loved hearing that we gave a sound system to the church in Manila so that they could more effectively run their Sunday services. I also loved hearing that Ps Peter and Jacqui decided to move to New Zealand for a few months to help out in another Equippers Church. I like the idea that we’re part of a global church family; we have the opportunity to come alongside other churches to support them, defend them and help them advance in their city and nation. Like a big brother we have a wealth of resources and influence to see other churches succeed.

Today let’s pray for our influence in the UK, Europe and throughout the world, and pray that we can be a generous and supportive big brother to all those around us.