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Ciao! I am the lead pastor of Equippers Rome. I am blessed with two beautiful kids and an amazing wife, who stand with me in life and in ministry. Some of my greatest passions are writing and reading (so it was great writing this blog), but I also love great food - especially sweets - when I was 15 I once ate 8 portions of tiramisu in one sitting!

Day Eighteen
What Are We Believing For?

For me, fasting is a part of the Christian life - it’s not an optional extra, it’s a key ingredient of being a Christian.

Matthew 6:16 starts by saying “Moreover, when you fast...” Jesus did not say IF you fast: He said WHEN you fast! I believe that there must be a WHEN, not an IF in our walk with the Lord. WHEN is full of faith, IF is uncertain - we can be certain that God will speak to us as we pray and fast.

I was thinking about this question, “What is the purpose of fasting?”. I have discovered that fasting brings our flesh and our self off the throne. In 1 Corinthians 9:27 Paul says: “I bring my body under subjection.” When we fast, we bring our flesh under subjection. It is so easy to listen to and give in to the longing of our flesh - as we fast we are not allowing the flesh to rule in our life - we are reminding ourselves that Jesus is ultimately in control, He is able to provide all we need.

Another thing I have discovered is that fasting will make you more aware of the presence of the Spirit of God in your life. As you become more aware of His presence, He will become closer, dearer, and nearer to you. As you draw closer to Him, He will make you more sensitive to His heart and desires. Whenever I fast I am believing for God to use me in even greater measures. Whenever I fast, I am looking for ways for God to use me to speak to people, to give words of knowledge, to encourage. I am believing for somebody’s life to be changed by the power of God in operation through me. WHEN you fast, do it unto the Lord. Do it because you want to yield to His plans and not for yours. Do it for His purposes through you. I encourage you to become more aware of the Holy Spirit as you fast, listen to His voice and ask the question “God, how can you use me to speak to people?”

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