Ali Matts
I’m more often known as “, you’re Paul’s wife and/or John/David/Emily’s Mum?” I’m also known as “Miss”, given that I’ve been teaching for ooh... about a hundred years. I'm now Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at a Guildford Primary School. I love reading, large cups of tea and Radio 4.

Day Two
Who Am I Believing For?

I love teaching, although trying to impart to a wriggly 4 year old, who would rather be playing in the mud than writing can be challenging! Our mantra in school is to make learning “irresistible” for, when that happens, a child cannot help but respond and cannot wait to tell you about it. Jesus is irresistible. Yet, so often, we shrink from sharing Him because, in our minds, “evangelism” only happens from the front of church or with a banner in a high street. Thank goodness Jesus simply calls us to love people (just as He loves us), meaning evangelism becomes an irresistible, natural desire to share our Good News.

I was getting ready to come to the Wednesday night prayer meeting when our son Johnny proposed to his gorgeous wife Faith. The text message read, “SHE SAID YES!!!! You’re not allowed to tell anyone.” I had to hold that good news inside me for the whole prayer meeting. Agony! The trouble was, people could see just from looking at me that something amazing had happened. We have the BEST news to share and it’s not only our words that express what Jesus has done for us - it is our lives, actions, attitudes, and even our character that shouts that hope to others.

I encourage you this month, therefore, to let your lives as well as your words do the talking. As we love our friends, family and colleagues, without agenda, our irresistible Lord will do His part.

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