Ps Mark Collard
I was born in Croydon, raised in Belfast/Shropshire, went to university in Bristol, flying School in Oxford and was trained by Kiwis to preach... hence the complicated accent! I'm a married, father of four and a dog owner. I love cycling and hope to complete a cycle from Lands End to John ‘o’ Groats later this year, and maybe even run a marathon!

Day Twenty One
What Are We Believing For?

This year is going to be an exciting one for the Equippers Global Family. We are growing! Not just the number of people who call Equippers their home, but the number of cities where we now gather. This year we are launching for the first time into Africa. Accra, the capital of Ghana to be precise. In Germany we will be starting two new locations; Munich and Hamburg and in New Zealand, new locations in 3 new towns. The exciting and quite unusual thing is that in each of our churches around the world, God has given us leaders from that nation to start the church with. This is so unusual in church planting, but something we know is God's grace to us. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to celebrate!

On this, the final day of FebFast, I'd like to encourage you to take time to pray for the leaders of these new church plants. Please pray that they will be encouraged by what they see happen in the first year as new church leaders. Pray for their families who are on this journey with them. Pray for wisdom to know how to navigate the challenges ahead, and for courage to stay strong when in the midst of those challenges.

What an amazing thought to know that you and I can be part of what God is doing all around the world as we partner together in prayer. These are exciting days we live in, as the Bible says, the fields are white unto harvest. Time to do some harvesting!

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