Rebecca Ng
You probably know me as Becky 🙂 you can normally spot me trying to figure out the keyboard on a Sunday! I'm a final year music student from Singapore, at Royal Holloway. When I'm not studying or practicing (fun fact: I can play at least 6 different instruments) you can find me hanging with friends, reading or updating my life on Instagram!

Day Four
Who Am I Believing For?

My mother has the ability to make friends with anybody, anytime - particularly on a train. Often phone numbers will be exchanged - some will become her new shopping pals, a few will appear in church next week - one even came to fix our air conditioning once. I don’t think I understood this aspect of my Mom when I was younger, but she consistently modelled one truth: People matter.

University in England is a melting pot of all kinds of people. Conversations are spontaneous and endless; housemates, seminar groups, even my stand partner in Orchestra. There are so many opportunities to talk - about just about anything! Relationships are made and sharing has become so natural. What did I do at the weekend? Why Jesus? I’ve found myself standing in the middle of so many young adults crying out for an answer. I’ve learned that we have nothing to lose from offering an invitation - at worst I might get a “no”, and hopefully an “Ok!”

We must keep our eyes, ears and heart open today - God doesn’t do random. The lady beside you on the bus? Your new boss? Bumping into your old primary school friend? These people are so significant. Take courage. The love of a Father is for “whoever” (John 3:16). Everyone matters to God whether God matters to them or not.