Sam Malcolm
I’m a drummer, guitarist, former intern and lifelong Arsenal fan! Several years ago I grew a beard and haven’t got rid of it since -  I honestly have no idea what I look like under the beard. I spent three years at Royal Holloway studying history and now lead the Equippers Young Adults ministry with my lovely girlfriend Nicola 🙂

Day Six
Who Am I Believing For?

We’ve spent this first week of FebFast asking the question ‘who am I believing for?’ I think we can easily fall into the trap of assuming that evangelism is a thing that someone goes out to do. For example, ‘this weekend, I’ve got to mow the lawn in the morning and then I’m off to the Hub to do some evangelism this afternoon.’ It’s like we have to give a physical definition and allotted time for evangelism, whether that’s going to another country on mission, handing out bottles of water to students at club nights or standing in the town centre giving out leaflets.

However, I believe that evangelism is radically different to those examples above. Those things certainly play a part in sharing the gospel but for me, evangelism is more than a specific task at a certain time. For me, evangelism is a lifestyle, wherein our whole life embodies a spirit that can share the love of Jesus with those we encounter.

To explain this better, I’ve summed it up in a phrase. (Prepare yourselves, because it’s an absolute smash hit.) ‘Evangelism is a lifestyle that is defined by your actions and driven by your expectations.’

I believe our students at Equippers brilliantly exemplify this phrase. They are constantly living an evangelistic lifestyle. Their counter cultural actions such as putting church over studying, being wise on nights out and inviting their friends to church every single week, demonstrate actions that make them stand out for the kingdom. Furthermore, I know that every single one of these actions is driven by an expectation within the student community that their friends and their campus will be transformed. Today, I want to encourage you to take a look at the lifestyle you live. Is it a lifestyle of evangelism? Do your actions represent the kingdom and the love and goodness of God? And, are you living a life of expectancy, believing that God can work through you to change the lives of those around you.

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