Ps Stuart Cosstick
I'm married to Ann-Maree and we have one son, Harrison. After them, my next love is sport - and I enjoy frequent visits to the 'home of football' also known as Griffin Park - Brentford FC's ground. Within the life of the church, I have numerous pastoral responsibilities and oversee the Equippers training courses.

Day Eight
What Am I Believing For?

"The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing”.  Psalm 23:1

As I have approached this February Fast, I have found this Scripture so helpful.  It is very well known, but let’s look again at the verse in relation to prayer. There are two fundamental truths in this part of Psalm 23 which help us in prayer. Firstly, “the LORD is my shepherd”. In other words, I need to let Him be the leader of my prayer life. If I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me when I pray, I know my prayers will be aligned with the will and nature of God - I think of it more as a dialogue, where I make space for the Holy Spirit to bring His revelation. I need to be reminded (frequently!) that prayer isn’t intended to be a monologue!

Secondly, “I lack nothing” - because I have the Lord as my shepherd and my leader, I have all I need. Think of it this way; our Heavenly Father has unlimited resource which is available to you and I, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Approaching prayer with this assurance and confidence is a huge faith builder. So, as I allow the Lord to lead my prayers, I can be confident that I am praying in alignment with His perfect will, and as I do so, I’m tapping into this unlimited treasure trove of His resources.

If you haven’t yet worked out what you’re believing for, take a few moments to digest this Scripture and then ask the Holy Spirit to lead you today.

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