Lolo Fusitu'a
I come from Auckland NZ, from an amazing and crazy family, who I adore. I graduated from Massey University then went on to study at Equippers College and I am now an intern at Equippers in Surrey. I spent a big chunk of my years on the courts, playing or watching sport - I am a great side-line cheerleader! I love Coca Cola and I love to laugh, I do it as much as I can.

Day Nine
What Am I Believing For?

The thought of taking a risk can be paralyzing. But the reality is when you're in it, more often than not it's more like being what I call 'happy scared'. Happy because of the idea of the new possibilities, and scared because of the unfamiliar. The two coexist and complement each other beautifully because it celebrates where you're currently at, but acknowledges that where you are headed requires a lean into the unknown.

In April 2017 I took a risk and moved to England to do a year's internship at Equippers Surrey. This meant leaving the security of everything I knew - job, family, friends, networks, all the things that made me comfortable - and leaning totally into the unknown. Leaning into the unfamiliar. Leaning into a new place. Leaning into the adventure. Essentially, I learned to lean towards Jesus and strive for nearness and close proximity to Him (and I've found it's so much easier to hear Him when you're actively striving for that closeness). True to our DNA as believers and as a Church, 'happy scared' is the zone that we should reside in. Not having it all together, but pushing out and leaning in regardless.

"But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved." (Hebrews 10:39).

When I think of the things I am believing for over this fast in the areas of healing, finance, vocation, family, relationships and wellbeing, I need to create a 'happy scared' space in these areas that causes me to lean into Jesus to hear His voice… "How about be the first to say sorry Lolo?", "be generous in your assumptions of the situation and people", "give", "initiate that new idea", "start a conversation with that stranger", "believe, push out a little further", "share about your faith with your family", "strengthen that distant friendship", "go for a run" (not so sure about that one!)

I love this line in the song 'Wild' by Equippers Revolution: "I'm saved to live wild, when I hear your voice my heart responds again". My hope is that yours and my heart stay soft to the voice of God, enabling us to make decisions that require a bit of a risk and navigation as we push out into the areas we're believing for in FebFast. Be happy scared!