Ps Mark Nash
Previously known in the school playground as Mark Mash Potato, I'm now lead pastor of Equippers Richmond and have been married to the gorgeous Chantelle for 5 years. We have 2 amazing kids, Jentson & Skylar, so I probably shouldn't be as frightened as I am about turning 30 this year!

Day One
Who Am I Believing For?

'The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.' Proverbs 11:30

I have always watched shows about coastguards with fascination, wishing one day I would have a chance to tour the english coastline in fast boats ready to help save people in trouble. Day dream aside, the job of the coast guard is to rescue people from life threatening situations and bring them back to safety. In essence, we’re coast guards. We’ve been given the task of sharing the life saving message of Jesus - the message that can pull any person out hopelessness and into new life.

Asking who we are believing for during February Fast is more than us writing a couple of names on a page. We have a commitment to be coast guards to the people in our world, as all too often our lives become a response to pressures rather than priorities. However, if we live like this we push out the kingdom priorities like believing for others and reading the Bible. I challenge us today to think about how we can adjust to live by priorities instead of pressures.

Praying for unsaved people is essential, but I believe we must partner our prayer with action. I recently preached a message to equip people with useful tools to be everyday witnesses. In Luke 19 Jesus ate with a notorious sinner, Zacchaeus. That period of eating, talking and laughing was not just another meal for the sinner but a meal where he discovered salvation and new life. If we are not fasting we usually all eat 3 meals a day 7 times a week. Simple maths tells me that this is 21 opportunities for me to invite people into my world to eat with me. How about we see if we can intentionally invite one of the people we are believing for into those times we eat, to share, talk and laugh with them.

Together let’s be coastguards sent out to take this life saving message of hope and salvation into our own worlds.