Equippers Church is built upon the generosity of many and we are grateful for every person who continues to build God’s kingdom with us. If you would like to give your tithes and offerings online or set up regular giving with a standing order, please use the button below to select your location.

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Impact Offering

Impact Offering is our annual commitment to go over and above our regular giving! It enables us to accelerate kingdom initiatives as opportunity arises.

Impact Offering happens just once a year. This year 8th November is IMPACT SUNDAY where we’ll receive our Impact pledges.

We ask for an annual pledge. Some people fulfill their pledge in one lump sum, some make monthly payments over the year.

The pledge allows us to respond to needs within our local church, the wider Equippers family and to support other kingdom initiatives. Sometimes this is financial support, sometimes it’s the cost of flights, the purchase of new equipment, or even to purchase great facilities.

Impact Updates