Our Impact Offering enables us to get behind Kingdom initiatives locally and globally. We’re able to invest into both new and existing churches, support a number of outreach projects and partner with ministries and organisations that are reaching the poor, oppressed, vulnerable and sick.

Continue reading to see how we are making a difference locally and globally through Impact Offering.



The mission statement of Grassroots is “to relieve poverty wherever we can and tell people about Jesus through word and deed”. Through our latest Impact Offering donation, that is exactly what the team at Grassroots did. 

A portion of the donation made it possible to finish building a home for a very poor family in Romania. The building team in Romania began building the first of three homes in Spring 2021. At that stage, they only had funds to build one home. The family’s home was built and through the process, they had an encounter with Jesus and became Christian! Once their home was built, the dedication service of the house also became a baptism service. 

Just as the team were wondering how they would fund the second house, a donation came in and they gave the go ahead for the house to be built, along with another that desperately needed to be completed before winter. The picture below is of the family before the new building started. 

Thanks to your sacrificial giving, our Impact Offering donation made it possible to complete the building of this home!

Good News For Everyone


“Good News For Everyone” (formerly known as GideonsUK) serves to introduce others to Jesus by placing, presenting and/or distributing Scriptures in many different areas of life. These are often Testaments, including the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, and also copies of the full Bible.

Our Impact Offering donation of £1000 enabled the team to restock their supply, with a purchase of 900 School New Testaments or 300 Bibles. 

Pictured below is John Nash, giving a school presentation. The team has also been able to give presentations at Feltham Young Offenders, Bronzefield Women’s Prison, Coldingly Men’s Prison and other local establishments. 

Be encouraged by this testimony: “I was given one of the Red Testaments at 12 by a friend’s dad and it started me on my own personal journey of faith. The Bible helps and guidance pages were invaluable in bringing the right bit of God’s word to me. I got a full Bible a few years later and got confirmed. That little Testament saved me and got me back on track.”

International Justice Mission (IJM)


IJM is a global organisation partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty. Our donation of £10,000 was put towards IJM’s work in the Philippines in ending the online sexual exploitation of children. 

Here is a praise report of another rescue operation which took place in the Philippines: Police brought two children to safety and arrested one suspect during an operation against the online sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines late last year. The operation was conducted by several partner organisations and supported by IJM and the FBI, and the two children brought to safety were believed to be the suspect’s 16-year-old cousin and 8-year-old niece. FBI agents were also able to arrest an American national on suspicion of facilitating cybersex crimes involving children. The female suspect arrested at the scene is now in police custody, and the children are safe and receiving the necessary trauma-informed care needed for child survivors of online sexual exploitation. 

Riverbank Trust


Riverbank Trust is a Christian Charity which seeks to love, support and befriend vulnerable single mums and their families in the London Borough of Richmond. As part of Impact Offering, we were able to make a difference over the Christmas period. 

In November, the Riverbank Trust staff sat in a meeting and faced the reality that they had nothing to give to the families they support over Christmas. With funding unavailable due to the impact of Covid, they prayed and put a plan together to ask churches to contribute to the family bags they give out. 

In the space of 3 weeks, they received more than what they had prayed for. Because of our donation, and the generosity of others, they were able to assemble and distribute gift bags as well as food vouchers. A quote from one of the Riverbank mums: “I’m overwhelmed with all your generosity, thank you so much.”

Impact Offering is our annual commitment to go over and above our regular giving.

This is an annual pledge, meaning once you have pledged an amount you can fulfill this at any point over the course of the next few months. We offer the option of fulfilling your pledge in one lump sum or in monthly installments over the year.

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