What Is An Intern?

Interns are young adults (usually 18-30) who are giving one year of their life to work for the church as a volunteer. During this time we disciple them, train them and give them practical opportunities to serve and bless the local church and prove their calling to ministry.

What Do We Need?

In order to support our internship programme, we need families that are willing to care for these special people. Hosting them involves providing room and board. That means they get their own bedroom and two meals a day. They have lunch at The Hub and have a full schedule of activities each day.

How Long For?

We simply ask for a 4-month commitment. Many families allow us to use the bedrooms of their older children when they are away at university. We find the interns alternative accommodation for the holiday period or a new home altogether if you don’t want to continue hosting. The 4-month commitment gives both hosts and interns an honourable way to leave.