School Years 1 - 5

With awesome teaching, crazy games and even more praise parties, INVINCIBLES equips children with knowledge and experience about how much God loves them, how exciting Jesus is, and how they’re called to live a life in relationship with God.

Pre-School & Reception

For children in Preschool and Reception, Trailblazers gently grows a child’s understanding of how God loves them through teaching them about who Jesus is, and why He came. Bible stories, games, craft and praise parties will all be a part of their experience in this group.

Kids 12 - 36 Months

Designed for children aged one (and walking) to three, Little Explorers aims to give all toddlers the chance to experience how much fun church can be through craft, music, games and short stories. Here, children learn the simple truth that God is good and He loves them a lot.

Babies 0 - 12 Months

Designed for mothers with their babies, this room gives you space to rest, relax, and enjoy the service via a televised live link. It also includes many toys and a baby changing area.

Meet The Team

Monica Collard