Missions, and life after Lockdown

Whilst we don’t know what will be possible, our team is now planning for future mission trips and want to start to assemble teams. This is a great opportunity to get involved, stretch your faith, give of your time and abilities and see what God is doing in the Equippers family around the world. Plus, get to know some people and have some good fun along the way.

At present we have two destinations, Budapest and Manila. There could soon be some other European destinations too.

Firstly – Budapest

Miro and Martha will be restarting their weekly services in Budapest soon. My vision is that say once a month a couple or small group can go just to encourage and cheer on their Sunday services and assist in any small way we can. As Miro launches some specific initiatives and we would then send a team to assist. Their services are on Sunday evening so it would involve a return on Monday. But as travel is freed up, if you would like to consider a weekend in Budapest, I would like you to advise me so that I can coordinate our visits.

Secondly – Manila

Our next visit is planned for 18 Feb – 1 March. There are 3 aspects of what we want to do:=

  • Community outreach – with healthcare initiatives. We would love some Health care workers to be involved to be able to instruct Mums and Dads in basic aspects of child care, plus ministry opportunities in the community too
  • Youth – Revo Tour type involvement in Schools
  • Production and Music

There will also be some break out times for fun and relaxation too.

If you would like to be considered to join one of these teams, please email office@equippers.co.uk.