Welcome to 5 Days of Prayer and Fasting! We’re at the beginning of a new season! The next 5 days are about us, as a church, setting time aside to seek God and commit the next chapter to him. We believe that as we partner with God in prayer, things shift and change – as they come into alignment with His purposes and plans.

How to get involved:
Take a look at the daily prayer points and scriptures
Join us on Zoom for our daily prayer meetings
Got questions? Watch some helpful resources below

Prayer points

Take a look at this week’s prayer points and scriptures. To enlarge a graphic, please click on it.

This week’s prayer meetings

Join us on Zoom for the next 5 mornings as we pray together as a church. From Monday 13th – Friday 17th at 8:00 – 8:30, we’ll spend time praying into different areas of church life.

Join the Zoom meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID – 980 3642 5838
Zoom Meeting Link – https://zoom.us/j/98036425838

Prayer resources

Take a look at “What is fasting?” and “The benefits of fasting“. These are two videos we shared in the past in our Connect Groups and we think they will help you to prepare yourself for this incredible time of seeking God together. In these videos, Ps Peter Prothero and Ps Mark Collard unpack some of the types of fasts you can do, as well as some helpful practical tips!

Prayer requests and praise reports

Click the button below to share your prayer requests and praise reports with us.