Ps Peter Prothero
3 May 2018

Reaching Out - Plant & Water


Our church is constantly on Mission - equipping the saints to make an impact in the world that God has placed them, whether as teachers, nurses, policemen, lawyers, business people, baristas or professionals. But we also see the value of creating great spaces where we can bring people to. Our coffee shop is one of those spaces. Fun Tots is another as is Friday Fun and Who Let the Dads Out. Our Sunday services are also a great space, but Movie May brings an added colour and dimension to our meetings.

Last year over 170 million people went to the cinema. That's over double the entire population of the UK. This leads to one incontrovertible fact. People love movies - because we all love a good story. This month we have selected clips from some truly great movies. Some are based true stories, like Sully and Unbroken. Others just illustrate great principles that line up with Biblical truth. However the impact of Movie May requires your engagement.

We need you to dare to ask your friends, family members, neighbours and work colleagues to come along. Offer to take them out to lunch after if necessary. Make it easy for them to say yes. We'll do all the rest. There will be free drinks, popcorn and afterwards great hospitality.

Finally let's get behind this month with loads of prayer. Our part is to plant and water. That translates into inviting people and giving them lifts to get there. God's part is to touch people's hearts and save them. Let's reach out to Him and believe for a great harvest during the month of May.

Your friend and co-labourer,

Ps Peter Prothero

Senior Pastor - Equippers Church Surrey